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Balance, Agility and Healthy Aging

Balance is trainable, can be improved, and applies to all ages.

Why train balance* and agility+?

  • Improve your balance and stay upright in different situations: inclement weather, uneven walking surfaces, etc.
  • Enhance your life without unnecessary anxiety and fear of falling. Have fun playing catch with children.
  • Carry out everyday tasks with confidence such as walking up and down stairs.
  • Maintain balance and agility in sports from golf to tennis to pickle ball.
  • And of course, reduce chances of fracturing a bone.

*To learn more about the components of balance with easy demonstrations. check out this post.

+Simply defined, agility is balance in motion with the added components of reaction time, and coordination.

Holistic yoga can absolutely provide training and balance practice improvement. Many research studies attest to the efficacy of yoga for balance (see below).  At the same time there’s not just one “yoga protocol” for balance in the literature. 

So let’s get started here’s a fun demonstration of balance and agility. Make your practice *achievable in pieces —then have fun with “karate kid arms”.

Start with both feet on the ground lifting one heel then the other.

>Try lifting one foot OFF THE GROUND,  then the other.

>Next practice stepping forward as if you need to step over a rock, or a toy, etc.

*work near a wall or chair for safety.


Learn with me to improve your balance holistically.

Making your home safe:

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