How’s the weather in your mind? Musings on a meditation.

How’s the weather in your mind at this moment?

Is it clear, somewhat cloudy, overcast and dark, sunny, or maybe the sunlight is just beginning to peek through? I learned that inquiry long ago from one of my wise meditation teachers Elesa Commerce. I was in Santa Fe for a teacher training and Elesa was the meditation guide. She invited all of us to traipse outside, and look up at the gorgeous sky. We were instructed to notice that behind some of the thick clouds,  the sky was visible. We were also reminded as the day progressed,  to continue checking the weather by simply looking up.

Through this practice of watching the clouds change, along with the temperature of the air and the colors of the sky, I had a wonderful insight.I found absolute clarity in how meditation can help us with discernment of impermanence, and to understand that whatever I might be thinking and feeling can transform.

Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are much like the weather: changing, varied, and impermanent. And behind our clouded mind is the blue sky of unobstructed clarity and pure being.

Temporarily Lost my Practice

Recently I realized that I was managing and carrying out so many different responsibilities that my body literally slowed me down. I felt physically depleted with suppressed appetite and chills and couldn’t move from the couch. I had to cancel a few appointments.

Although my thoughts, plans and emotions were all blessedly positive, there were simply too many swirling at once. Like several different tornados in my mind-stormy weather!

The blue clear sky always exists behind the clouds.

This is what happens if I go too long without nurturing my own practice. My energies become imbalanced.  I then need to connect back to the clear blue sky of the mind. It’s always there but swirling plans will cloud up clear seeing-until the body might just put on the breaks.

Love and health,


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