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What is Accessible Yoga at Yoga Loft Tucson?

by Ashlee McDougall, co-owner Yoga Loft Tucson

Yoga is an 8-limbed practice that goes well beyond the physical movement; its goal is to help decrease the thought fluctuations, or chatter of your mind. Yoga will support your experience of finding more emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.


However, the physical aspect of yoga classes can sometimes feel inaccessible to individuals with varying abilities. This is why we’re passionate about accessible yoga, because everyone should be able to benefit from this amazing practice!


Our Accessible Yoga Approach

Our approach to yoga meets you where you’re at, regardless of physical condition, age, or experience level. Our goal is to make yoga truly universal, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their practice.

One of our teachers, Bonnie Golden, and guest writer for this blog, explains our team’s approach to accessibility perfectly;

“Every yoga practitioner is unique with our own strengths and challenges. So I love supporting students in finding their individual physical expression of a pose. They often find the space for calm or simply a more holistic experience.”

Accessible Yoga Classes at Yoga Loft

We’re dedicated to making yoga accessible. Our classes are tailored to accommodate various needs, ensuring that you can practice safely and confidently. Here’s what you can expect from our yoga classes:

Experienced Teachers: Our teachers are experts at meeting you where you’re at! Our goal is to empower you to learn how to listen to and honor your body and practice. Your teachers are more like your yoga guides, who are helping you remember that YOU’RE the teacher, or guru, of your life. You’re stronger than you know, and we’re honored to hold space for you.

Adaptability: Our teachers offer variations of yoga asana (the poses) and sequences to suit your needs. This might involve using props, adjusting your posture (with consent), or changing the outer form of the pose such as sitting instead of standing.

Clearly Listed Class Styles: Our seven different class styles are clearly listed and easy to understand. We want to make sure you’re empowered to choose the class style that fulfills yours needs. Whether you want a challenging and sweaty class, or a slow and gentle approach to yoga, there’s a class for you. To learn about our class intensity levels, click here!

Supportive Environment: Our studio is often described as feeling like home. We’re a judgement free space where you can feel safe to move your body and know you’ll never be judged.

Join Us at Yoga Loft

At Yoga Loft, we believe that yoga is for everyone. Our studio is designed to empower you to pick the type of practice you want – and to be always met with love and kindness.

Experience a welcoming and fun community that enjoys movement at Yoga Loft Tucson. We look forward to practicing with you!