A Gathering of Resources for Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga Students

updated 2/17/22

Everyone has an opinion! Available information can be overwhelming when there is so much on our minds; so I’m sharing this Yoga with Bonnie list of resources for pregnant and post-partum women. Decide what works for YOU; particularly when you are choosing a personal service.

Of course prenatal yoga is high on my list. Read about the benefits of prenatal yoga here.

Feel free to message me with your suggestions for future additions to the list as we expand our network of support for moms and families.

Pinterest Board

I’ve gathered a wide variety of nicely visual informational articles from the web ranging from how to use a birthing ball to positions for labor to prenatal yoga. I have not overwhelmed you but have been selective with the sources I choose to pin. Please follow me!

A few favorite books.

If you are like me, your bookshelf (or your Kindle)is chair2full. These are some of my go-to selections (including my own:

Yoga for Holistic Healing).

Mindful Birthing Draws on neuroscience, mind-body connection, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.
Expecting Better Accessible review of evidence based research debunking myths and verifying facts about pregnancy
The Fourth Trimester. A guide to support women on all levels after baby arrives.
Pregnancy Childbirth and the Newborn: The Complete Guide. Balanced, accessible, and comprehensive. The title says it all.
Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond: This is a classic. Beautiful color photos and text. Options for all stages including using the chair.
Yoga Mama Yoga Baby Ayurveda and Yoga for a healthy pregnancy. Personal note: author Margo Shapiro Bachman participated as a “live” pregnant model when I completed my yoga for pregnancy training at Prajna yoga in Santa Fe! Lovely east/west approach.

Childbirth Education: On-Line Option

Hospitals and other providers regularly offer childbirth education classes.

When it is difficult for families to make it to these local sessions, Kopa Birth® offers on-line, convenient birthing classes to prepare couples for low-intervention natural birth in a hospital setting. I have reviewed the content and it is an excellent option:

Click here to learn more about Kopa Birth® classes.

Health and Wellness Support

Dainty Acupuncture Shelly Dainty, LAc (FABORM) is the only acupuncturist in Tucson who is board certified in Fertility, Obstetrics and Gynecology.  Shelly has over 15 years experience in this field. She has worked with the top Reproductive Endocrinologists and OBGyns in Los Angeles and Tucson.
Bodycentral Physical Therapy Full body therapy including pelvic floor rehabilitation. EMG feedback and manual therapy to treat and restore  normal muscle function. Relief from incontinence, pelvic pain, pre/post partum rehabilitation, painful intercourse and more.
Clinical Psychologist Autumn Wiley-Hill PhD Specializing in perinatal support, transition, and more.
Cord Blood Banking Guide– Cord blood can only be collected at birth, that’s why it’s important to do your research well before your baby’s due date. Also includes a short video to learn exactly how cord blood is collected, processed and stored.
Diana Fassett, BS, PT Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist specializing in men, women and children. Also qualified as a PT during pregnancy as well as children’s voiding dysfunction. Owner: Success Physical Therapy.
Forever Able Wellness Center Specialties include Accupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, and more
Inspired Life Chiropractic and Wellness Included specialties in pregnancy and infant chiropractic
Loree Scheyli, Board-Certified LMT: 520-742-7108, LScheyli@gmail.com
Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Katie Rose. Specialties include women’s and men’s health, fertility, acupuncture and much more.
Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Therapist “Roots to Bloom”, Jaimie Lindsay, LMT, CLE is a Certified Perinatal Massage Therapist
Rebeccca Hamlin Licensed Social Worker specializes in perinatal support and trauma, individual and family therapy and EMDR.
Rooted Integrated Wellness offers an expansive list of skilled wellness providers under one roof. Specializing in the management of chronic pain and dysfunction, practitioners include pelvic floor physical therapists,  prenatal chiropractic care, highly skilled LMT’s and more.
Sacred Body Stacey Ramsower offers Ayurvedic nutritional support for hormonal health, Couples Sex and Intimacy Coaching, and Holistic Pelvic Care addressing, pelvic pain, scar tissue and birth or sexual trauma.
The Wildrose Project Vanessa Wingerath is a Birthkeeper and birth photographer supporting families planning an unmedicated birth.

Tucson Area Doulas

Doulas: Resources on finding, interviewing and research about doulas.

  • DONA International. Referral, training, education for prenatal and postpartum doulas. Search the site for Tucson area referrals and information on trained doulas.
  • Doula finder: DoulaMatch.net

A partial list of Doulas in Tucson. Many offer prenatal and postnatal services. Make sure to interview 2-3 and find the best doula match for you and/or use the above search engines.

Birthstrong Doulas Full spectrum doulas valuing informed consent and inclusion.
Blessed Birth LLC It is Shannon Cheesman’s desire to support your birth however you envision it, providing the expertise you need to feel confident through labor and birth.
Mother Doula Ashley Garrett offers birth doula services, placenta encapsulation, & prenatal/childbirth education.
Raising Flowers Birth Services Raising Flowers Birth Services provides Doula support, Placenta Encapsulation & Mayan Abdominal Massage.
Tucson Doulas Our philosophy is to provide non-judgmental support to every family we work with.
Your Family’s Journey Postpartum doula and breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding Information Support

Arizona Breastfeeding Coalition
WIC Support and counseling for breastfeeding. WIC is the federally sponsored Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children

A Few More Web Resources

Childbirth Connection Resource for up-to-date information, downloadable PDFs, and recent research
Drug watch Educational guides and updated information about drugs and pregnancy as well as fundamental guidelines.
International Caesarean Awareness Network Mission is to improve maternal-child health by preventing unnecessary cesareans through education, providing support for cesarean recovery, and promoting Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC).
Lamaze for Parents Information, visuals, tips

Postpartum, Childcare, and Childrearing Support

Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition
The Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition provides support, resources, and education for families and providers. Toll-free Warmline (888-434-MOMS)and leave a message to speak with a trained volunteer who has “been there” and can make appropriate referrals.
Childcare Resources and Referral
1-800-308-9000 Child Care Resource and Referral provides assistance to families seeking child care and to child care providers.
Child and Family Resources Referral for childcare and in-home support
Parent Connection Offers workshops, parenting classes, support groups, and play-based parenting groups to cover the full range of age and stage development in children as well as some great tools for being a responsive parent. First steps program designed to provide free support and information after the birth of your baby.
Trusting Connections Nanny agency connecting Southern Arizona families with exceptional nannies and sitters. Whether you need full-time, part-time or occasional care, service provided 24/7, 365 days a year, even at a moment’s notice.
Tucson Moms Tucson Moms is dedicated to providing support to mothers and their young families through friendship, playgroups, and education within a casual, family-focused environment. Use the website for information and events or to request a phone call.
Tucson Postpartum Depression Coalition
Links to Tucson area support groups, education, and advocacy
Your Family’s Journey Postpartum doula and breastfeeding support


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