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Aging Skin and Yoga’s Inner Light

Aging Skin
Aging is OK.. Even with lifelong nasolabial folds, sags and wrinkles.

What is so fundamentally wrong with aging skin?

Please tell me:

Exactly why are wrinkles and sags to be avoided, hidden, injected or camouflaged at literally ALL COSTS?

Who (what advertising executives) made this decision for us?

Doesn’t anti-aging mean, I don’t know, pro-death?

Here’s a translation of the term anti-aging :“I want to die now rather than look my age”.

Dear friends, you and I have been brainwashed our entire lives by ageist marketing and advertising leading to feelings of being unworthy as we start to “show our age”  . We have bought into a cultural imperative consciously or not, to cling to our youth though there is SO MUCH to learn as we ourselves age, and from our elders.

Believe me, I am not immune and I am not above it all. I have my share of oils and cremes and I love the occasional ayurvedic facial . And I do want to protect my skin from the sun. I don’t judge choices anyone makes if some product or procedure temporarily lifts the spirit.

Yet, 2020, the pandemic year spotlighted how PRIVILEGED we are if we have survived the Covid-19 threat. I have renewed appreciation for life and want to spend my time in connection; giving and receiving the best ways I can.  I strive to see the beautiful light within my friends and students across the lifespan. I like to think that our inner light-our anandamaya kosha  and true selves are meeting in community. We are unlimited!

Our true selves transcend the organ of the skin and have nothing to do with the body that carries us through earth. Ask anyone who has looked in the mirror with the comment: ” I look my age,  but inside I feel ____(21, 30, etc.)”

I believe we make the observation about our evolving and aging body because we are still fundamentally an unchanging self inside. Call it your spirit or your essential personality. This is YOU, your essence, not your  body. Of course, like you, I believe it is important to keep the physical body as healthy as possible for the obvious benefits, and also because it houses YOU! Your essential self.

We all have limited time on the planet in the form we are in. Perhaps it would be best to back-burner concerns about “nasolabial folds” which I’ve had my whole life. I mean as a little “collagen filled” girl!

Lifelong nasolabial folds.

So, if you are alive and a day older than yesterday, then YOU are aging. Celebrate, and Savor. Every. Moment.

I’d love to work with you, whatever your chronological age! Check out my current class schedule and private session information. I would love to see you soon!


  • by Carol
    Posted July 5, 2021 11:42 pm 0Likes

    Lovely— an excellent reminder of what’s true and important in our lives. —-and I love the baby Bonnie, as adorable as the grown up Bonnie!

    • by Bonnie Golden
      Posted July 6, 2021 8:40 am 0Likes

      Hi Carol, Thank you for reading and your positive comment. Yes, we’ve got this one life (as far as we know!).

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