Free Yoga Strap Practice. Fun and Creative! Great for Beginners Yoga.

Do you believe that employing a yoga prop such as a yoga strap means you are somehow not “really” practicing yoga asana (the physical practice)? Do you view props as a negative? By the way, props can include: blocks, straps, bolsters, resistance bands, blankets, chairs, balls, and even the wall.

Dear reader, I created a free twenty-nine minute holistic practice for you. I think it will prove that there are many fun and enlightening options to utilize props; in this case, a yoga strap. This sequence will clearly demonstrate how a strap can offer you novel ways to experience the physical aspects of yoga. You will notice how your awareness of the length and strength of your muscles is enhanced,  You will also be more conscious of your body in space (proprioception) and how the strap can enhance awareness of the internal state of your body (interoception).

Of course the only way you will know how the prop can give you some “aha” moments is to actually try the practice!

You may have utilized a strap in leg stretches or shoulder flossing. Both are included in this offering. But have you tried employing a strap in some of the warrior poses? I’d love for you to let me know how the practice felt for you.

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