Yoga with Resistance Bands for Strength and Bones: A Novel Approach

Updated 2/6/23

Strength loss accelerates after the age of 50.*

*Unless we do something about it.

Yoga outside with resistance bands
Warrior 2 with resistance bands.

Two to four times per week of strength training is recommended for preservation and/or increase of muscle strength. That could feel like a significant commitment for our busy schedules, right?

However, if you already love and practice yoga for all of its mind/breath/body benefits,why not add resistance bands to the yang(active) poses?

I’m excited to share many creative and novel ways to employ resistance bands during yoga asana(poses).

Doing so challenges our muscles in different ways than external weights such as dumbells. Furthermore, this way of practicing asanas is fun and time efficient!

It is said if something doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you!

By the way, I do still train with free weights or kettlebells, as variety is beneficial, challenging and motivating.

Yoga demonstration loop resistance band
Resistance band loop in Warrior One.

I’m excited to share resistance band work with you. We utilize both loop bands and long therabands.

Curious? Check out my very short demo videos here and here .

All of the other wonderful benefits of a holistic yoga are  included in my classes such as breath work, meditation, yin or restorative practices. The difference is we use resistance bands as another yoga prop in the active “yang” poses.

Because if we employ props such as bolsters for restorative or yin postures, why not similarly employ resistance bands for strength?

Would you like more motivation? Resistance training can* (the short list):

  • delay muscular degeneration

  • increase metabolic efficiency

  • increase tissue tensile strength

  • increase endurance

  • preserve/increase bone density

Over time, strength loss can lead to a variety of risks to our overall health, including increased fragility, decreased balance and increased fall risk, and yes, lower mortality .

Next steps? Give this way of practicing yoga poses a try!

Check out my Sunday series here where we frequently utilize the bands as props in asana practice.

Take a private session for a personally crafted practice.


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