Create Your Own Yoga Flow-Fun!

Have you ever noticed a class description or sign that says “vinyasa flow yoga”? Vinyasa style of asana (yoga pose) practice is typically associated with variations of sun salutations. The sun salutation or surya namaskar is a sequence of twelve powerful poses. The asanas are practiced continuously while synchronizing breath and movement. In certain yoga styles the series is practiced in a heated room.

The word vinyasa consists of the Sanskrit word nyasa, which is generally translated as “to place,” with the prefix vi, “in a special way”. Thus the poses are placed in a sequence of particularly ordered steps.

Depending on the lineage of yoga you have followed or are influenced by, practicing poses in a specific order can consist of a wide variety of sequences.  Vinyasa is broader than sun salutations, and can be done at the practitioner’s own pace.

I like to tap into my creativity  in constructing unusual vinyasa flows for my own practice.  My students and I are employing healthy physical movements, but we’re also exercising memory and brain power to recall the sequence on the opposite side! .

The vinyasa I’m demonstrating in the video below can be a strength, flexibility, and even balance challenge. Have fun with the side angle shoulder rotation inspired by The Who co-founder Pete Townshend!

Connect to your inner rock star, challenge your brain, and give this sequence a go.

Arrow points to Pete Townshend. Live in Phoenix, 2022.

By the way, even my dog Sadie loved this practice.

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