Home Yoga for Postpartum Mamas: Part One

In my prenatal yoga classes,  I frequently highlight many mind/body/breath practices that are also safe and available  after baby arrives.

Mamas: Simple, stress relieving home-based postpartum yoga can be wonderful during the early weeks. Keep reading.

Given the saturation of feelings, the bonding and the healing occurring in those first euphoric, exhausting, __________ (fill in the blank!) weeks, new moms often forget this information.

Maria, Evie, Bonnie, Kristina, James, Flo. Thank you mamas and babies for such a fun time posing for this blog. We are inspiring lots of other moms!
Everest is Flo’s son. He had a previous engagement the same day as the shoot.

For this post and next month’s, I provide visual reminders to moms-to-be and postpartum mamas of easy yoga practices for home.

This post focuses on the early weeks.

The next post will highlight yoga after the bleeding and healing has ceased. Typically, (but not always) occuring  6-8 weeks after baby arrives.

And of course moms who can get to mom/baby yoga will get reminders in those classes too.

New Mom misses yoga! Here’s what to do

My student wrote me her birth story and also mentioned how she missed yoga.

This was my response:

“A gentle reminder: Do simple wrist circles and shoulder releases. All those joint and stress freeing and alignment tools are so handy right now, Breathe…:) soon you can recline on your back and throw your legs up the wall!”

 Another prenatal student wrote to me post-partum and testified to the following:

“Also, as you said, Bonnie, pay close attention to how to keep your chest and upper back open for breastfeeding! I found myself getting into crazy positions just out of the great desire to have the baby latch and then I’d be frozen that way for 30 min. Ugh! Shoulder moves are my best friends now – as are the therapy balls ! “

Epaulet Arm Circles for tight shoulders and back.


Fingertips at shoulders, rotate elbows out from the mid-line. Squeeze shoulder blades together. Also make circles in the air with elbows.Epaulet Arm Circles for tight Shoulders and Back.


Now bring elbows toward the mid line and breathe.


Shoulder shrugs. Relax tension from feedings.

Inhale shoulders up toward ears. Exhale release slowly. Close your eyes, go in and breathe. You got this mama

Ball massage at shoulders and upper back.

Maria erases tension from nursing simply coming to the wall and rolling tight trapezius on Yoga Tune Up ® Therapy Balls.


Point and flex toes to keep circulation going. Do this during or after a long feeding session. Draw circles in the air with big toes

Point/Flex/Ankle circles. Keep circulation in legs and feet.


Wrist Stretches Travolta Style

I call this the “John Travolta” . Interlace fingers and release tension in the wrists flexing and extending.Wrist Stretches Travolta Style
Grab a strap and stretch the back of your legs, mama. Breathe and chill like Flo is here.

Leg Stretch 1




I wonder what they’re saying about us??

Babies chatting  during Photo Shoot

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