Yoga for Postpartum Mamas. Part Two

Last month’s post Home Yoga for Postpartum Mamas, Part One provides visual reminders of simple yoga for moms-to-be and postpartum mamas. The focus is on the early weeks after baby arrives. A little bit of breath, movement, and mindfulness gives sooo much relief from tension and stress.

Here, I’ll highlight yoga after the bleeding has ceased, stitches have melted or been removed, and moms begin to feel like themselves again. Typically, (but not always) this happens 6-8 weeks after giving birth.

Of course, moms participating in mom/baby yoga will get reminders as well as support in those classes too.

The asanas below do not have to be practiced all at once.

Remember. To. Breathe.  Sprinkle these moves into your day as it feels right.

Sphinx Pose

postpartum yoga
Join babies in a gentle backbend, opening the chest and gently stimulating spine health. Counters all of the forward bending of our busy days.


postpartum yoga
Cobra (not pictured)  is another option. If you’ve had a caesarian birth, be sure you’ve given yourself enough time for healing to occur. Back off if this pose doesn’t feel right.


postpartum yoga
Baby LOVES watching you practice cat/cow. Feel the stretch all along the spine, shoulders, lower back, and hips.

 Bridge Variations

postpartum yoga
Bridging. With baby along for a ride-or not. Relieves fatigue, opens the chest, strengthens glutes. Check with a qualified teacher for more ideas.

Standing Leg Stretches

postpartum yoga
After a long feeding, stand up and stretch the back of the leg and ankle. Partner with baby.

 Warrior Two

Take baby along for leg strengthening, stretching and hip opening warrior 2. Look in the mirror and baby will be very amused!

Lunge Walks

postpartum yoga
Lunge walks or warrior 1. Hold baby with strong arms and soft shoulders. Walk through the house with wide lunging strides, opening hips and strengthening legs. Or just take both sides in warrior 1.
postpartum yoga
Feel the strength in quads on front leg.

Legs Up the Wall

postpartum yoga
Baby sleeping. Dial it down, mama. Great for postpartum relaxation and recovery.

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