Resistance in Yoga in not a Bad Thing

The concept of resistance can have a negative connotation such as oppositional or contrariness.
But we’ve all lived long enough to know that it’s pretty futile to resist some things, such as change-whether we’ve instigated it or it was thrust upon us. You can think about collective change such as the impact of the global pandemic. Individually, many of us have reprioritized values of how/where/with whom time is spent. Many have let go of employment situations or taken this opportunity to change careers or made time for family and friends.
In yoga, how we handle personal change is where the yoga concepts of shtirum (steadiness, strength) and sukhum (ease)can be applied.

resistance band yoga for hips and balance
Hip range of motion and balance with resistance band


Cultivating steadiness and strength along with ease and receptivity in our practices AND in our lives gives us the tools to ride the waves, rather than resist change.

Yes context is everything. So why not blend strength and ease in physical practice and begin to apply resistance as a positive force for our beings from the outside in. Friends, my physical practice has been so invigorated since incorporating resistance bands as a yoga prop.


Many yoga poses provide stabilization of muscles and awareness of movement patterns. Adding resistance bands “ups the level” to greater strength improvement, greater stabilization, and more. You will enhance your strength physically AND mentally.

I am more than excited to share this way of practicing with you, your friends, your moms and dads, and anyone who loves yoga and needs more strength.

Won’t you join me? Give it a go!

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  • by Janet Mar
    Posted November 27, 2021 6:56 am 0Likes

    Miss you and your classes! It’s been a long time since I took your classes. I got divorced and moved to Phoenix. I retired 2 years after teaching at ASU and moved to the beach in Florida. Loving my new life here. Happy holidays!

    • by Bonnie
      Posted November 27, 2021 8:23 am 0Likes

      So good to hear from you Janet. I’m happy that you’re happy and the beach sounds wonderful. Thank you for reaching out. We can still connect via zoom as well, of course! Health and joy to you for the holidays! Bonnie

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